Is there a particular food ingredient that you can't resist talking about? Maybe you're the proud owner of a food establishment? Do you think about fun and challenging activities in your free time? If you've answered YES to any of the questions, check out the Drive Change Workshop Catalog!

Every Friday, Drive Change engages our Fellows in professional development workshops to provide continued creative learning experiences, beyond the hospitality and culinary components of our truck and kitchen.  Click through the below areas of content (some have links for more details) to see if there is a workshop that tickles your facilitation senses!  If you're burning with a great workshop idea, and have 3+ hours you can volunteer on a Friday, fill out the below form to book a slot on our calendar!  (Note: Each bullet point is designed to be roughly its own workshop, to have depth through engaging activities, more than breadth of information across many items.)

Also check out our sheet on Tips for an Engaging Workshop!

+ All Things Social Emotional Learning for the team builders and mindfulness practitioners!

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Self Esteem
  • Goal Setting
  • Stress Management
  • Acceptance, -isms, and the power of the narrative

+ Food Food Food calling all foodies, food historians, farmers and food business owners!

  • Ingredient Exploration Series --foodie geeks!-- Click here for more details
  • Cuisine and Culture Exploration Series --food culture enthusiasts and historians!-- Click here for more details
  • Food Business Exploration Series --food business owners!-- Click here for more details
  • The environment and food systems

+ Financial Literacy for the analysts, economists and excel enthusiasts!

  • Bank vs credit union; Checking vs savings; Opening a bank account; What is credit; how to use credit cards and build credit
  • Managing/budgeting your personal finances; How/why to save (college, retirement, rainy day fund etc)
  • What are taxes and how/when to do them; What is a paystub; why do I need it; how do I read it?
  • Supply and Demand; Voting with your wallet

+ Community and Civic Engagement hey there fellow movers and shakers!

  • Voting; law-making; know your local politicians
  • Social media: What are the different mediums? When is it helpful; when is it harmful?
  • History of mass incarceration; Why and how to reduce the use of jails/prisons in NY/US
  • Manipulated marketing tactics; Bias in the media/propaganda and its impacts

+ Job Search and Selection calling all mentors, life coaches and HR specialists!

(different schedule than Fridays)

  • LinkedIn
  • How to begin job search; Practical how tos and how to know when it’s a good match
  • Resume workshop
  • Coverletter workshop
  • Interview skills; Mock Interviews
  • Writing emails: setting up an account; email etiquette